Thursday, 26 February 2009

Beyond Irked

''Ten minutes brushed aside for moments of your sinful pleasure,
Making her a temporary amusement only for when you're at leisure.''

Deeply seething, her emotions burst into flames beyond a measure,
This uncalled for objectification of her like she's some forbidden treasure!

Her feelings, intentions, her basic regard for the man is innocently pure,
His secrecy and conditions make her very being feel extremely unsure!

Incessantly she thinks of whether to keep in touch with him anymore,
if he keeps on this game of prioritising, now some and then later; no more!

Make up his mind, he will have to soon and there of it- implement,
I refuse to be a toy picked up when time for him is convenient!


Anonymous said...

MashaAllah so true! She as an object so unsure yet her thoughts are pure...truly echos voices of women suffrage...fits in any era past or present!

Hayaah said...

The waiting game, the other having that hold on us... ''suffrage'' is an apt word indeed