Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Oh! I want...

I want to get to know someone who would want to get to know me
I would then spend my moments precious no more in futility.

The deepest intricacies pining to be shared, will in him find an abode
I will be what he'd been searching too, in his fervid quests shore to shore.

Our parallel journeys will align, our hearts and minds will intertwine
Our voices shared and thoughts will all come together in whispers fine.
Our prayers said with bated breaths, our feelings thoughts our fears unsaid,
Shall find their peace in the others stead, together insync there on shall tread.

I want to find the one who wants to find me, together him and I
as we are meant to be, I want to be with that someone who wants to be with me,

Talk to me listen to me just as I would to him and hear him forever untiredly.
I WANT, just as poignantly, as I wish to be wanted by atleast him, if not his entire family.

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