Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hasten to Reach Him

Watching on through a tainted glass
At things in your life that did not last
Hating that which had lasted not
believing in peace, a concept lost
What did not work, through faults your own
instead of being fair, you struck out, condoned
those with reasons that they did not voice
and here you chose to make so much noise
about supposed attrocities that you had been fed.
What about the pain, to them that your hand had dealt?
Seek with in your empty soul
Pray to God, for lo and behold!
When Justice is struck, you won't have the time
to reflect on all those things for which you had whined
The people you hurt for your selfish concerns
will be safe with their Maker, and you will be turned
away from the House of Peace and Blessings
for your time will have come, it will be pressing
No roads of escape there on shall you find
in an abode of pain will you be left to pine
realising the truth, and how it will be too late
As your actions will have decided your ultimate fate
Before time is lost and a chance to repent gone
Open your heart to the true message without scorn
Humility in your life, please try to incorporate
To The One Lord Most Beautiful, we must all supplicate.
Only in Him, shall a respite we find,
hasten to reach Him, before the end of this transient time.

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