Thursday, 1 January 2009

I am what I am

Classic beauty, I AM NOT!
I am only what my God hath wrought.
Colour, creed, size, education,
you perceive my vocation?

Dear heart its folly is to
be temporarily sad,
In being overlooked, and
never to have had,

While others were attended to

with words of flowers
When ladies fair
were gifted and honoured.

My heart it humanly skips a beat,
While treading unfamiliar grounds,
Not knowing what its like
to be wanted like a treasure found,

But momentary dreams
must hereby be snapped.
Reality repeats, dear heart I must wrap
in a cucoon of knowledge from events past.

Men, they choose what their eyes can see,
Fair damsels and all that is pretty…
Wits of ladies made plain yet fine,
Most men can not see, they remain undermined.

Peace I seek, in the knowledge of Thee!
Oh Lord, I am blessed with what not all do see,
What ever you made me, I thank Yee,
But do please give me a Man who can loveth Me?


Anonymous said...

I am teary reading this --> This is how I have felt most of my life (hell, even now). We can talk later, I am not posting anything more here.

Hayaah said...

Gess Im not alone then?
That just makes me sadder.
Will speak. Perhaps tomorrow tho, iA.

Cliched Confused Soul said...

Hey, guess we all feel the same across countries....I feel the same way, though finding others who do the same doesnt uplift my spirits in any way...

liked reading your posts! Good work!

Hayaah said...

I know what u mean abt it not uplifting ur spirits in any way. I gess in a way its like, we were feeling so, lonely and sad,and then we find someone else just like that and u realise that it wasnt jst u singled out in such a way. Sad put aside, u find solace in not being alone? Perhaps its sumthing like that i gess...

Thanx for reading... Glad u liked :)

Eramsurviv0r said...

you lonely made my heart cry...
This is something not anyone can do..
you made me entertain a thought to die...
your words were full of true
This isn't near what you made me feel when i passed by...
I just wanted to say take care...and thank you

Hayaah said...

ure welcome eram, but i hope it wasnt for making u cry tho = o

nicely rhymed comment too u got going there ;)

ps. pls no thots of wishing to die -_-