Thursday, 25 December 2008

Past meets present and leaves me anguished

A painful repeat of mistakes since past
moments of pleasure in seconds surpassed
sighs and moans of feelings amassed
memories that meet with my present alas
only to remind me of no promises still
transient pleasure when our hearts at their own will
walk in harmony and talk on until
the clock strikes the hour and our bodies must awaken,
these dreams yet again, to a reality were so akin.
The beat of my heart I hear on and on
in hopes of being joined, and be no more forlorn
in attempts to leave behind aches from a yesterday torn
with faith to build on, and a strong will for a backbone
to make hopes and dreams meet reality one day,
take shape and form of the resilient faith in that what I pray.


Meena said...

OMG - wow, that is exactly how I feel. Sometimes I think it's so strange how far apart and differently we were raised, but how similar our sentiments.

Hayaah said...

I know... the power of such written words sometimes reaches out to ppl in ways that a conversation might have necessarily not.

Eramsurviv0r said...

You are gifted the point of being a true genius...
Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Hayaah said...

aww eram girl, thats too nice a compliment :) Theres way too many writers out that that take my breath away for me to even begin to compare myself to -genius-

jazakAllah khayr for all the motivation tho :)
its truly appreciated!