Saturday, 27 December 2008

Hate : an ugly word to begin with!

Why do some people have this need to dwell in hate mode?

Why can they not pray, and move on. Leave the taking care business of things unjust to the ALL KNOWING ENTITY above?

Why does man feel taking action into his own hands is the cure for hate? Hate begets hate does it not?

Why does man again and again prove himself a fool by being weak and listening to the devil himself?

Why can man not have faith in Allah swt, and believe his words when he says Allah swt knows best, and Allah swt is the most JUST!

Why must mankind be the folly that time and time again has proved man always will be if he doesnt stop to think before he acts, stop to reflect before he judges, stop to feel before he inflicts pain, stop to care before its too late, stop with the hating and in turn make himself a future bait?

UGH!!! It just infuriates me how people must dwell in hating, not be forgiving, how people must fling the wrong of others into a public hate session to take matters into their own hands for momentary recognition from whom? only people like themselves!!!

Why can man not just become humble and awaken themselves to the act of giving, forgiving and ignoring those who incite them into hating and killing and hating some more???


a rant i really needed to vent out


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