Sunday, 28 December 2008

Chop Chop Umrah

After days, weeks and months of moaning, bemoaning how useless my mahrams are, my Mamu decided to visit us for a few days and decided to go for Umrah by car!

SubhaanAllah for the timing of his trip when I profoundly needed this chance to beseech my Lord, in Masjid Al Haram, in front of the Kabaah itself!

Woo hoo was my word of choice to express my elation paralleled by infinite utterences of ‘Alhumdulillah… Alhumdulillah… Alhumdulillah’

Chance thrown at my doorstep at 12am, 25th Dec, Wednesday.
Leave for the road trip at 12pm.
Arrive at Minah, 10 45 pm.
Leave for Makkah at 1120 pm.
Arrive in Makkah at 1230 am, 26th Dec, Thursday.
Finish Umrah at 415 am.
Sleep at 545am.
Awaken at 1045am.
Leave for Riyadh at 12pm.
Arrive at home at 920 pm, 26th Dec, Thursday.

We covered a distance of approximately 1800 kms back and forth in approximately 21 and a half hours.

In this time span, I connected with the relatives, I normally used to mostly avoid. Alhumdulillah for being given that opportunity to correct myself!

I was humbled, yet again by the sight of the Kabaah and the masses of people circambulating it, people of all colours, sizes and sexes, together as Muslims. Many a people who came for Hajj this year, were still to be seen in small groups from different countries.

Watching old couples hand in hand helping each other walking around the Holy Kabaah during Tawaaf made me dream of one day being blessed to do so, similarly at that age with the man that I am meant to share my life with, inshAllah! Ameen.

There are MASSIVE extensions going on with the mosque and the space all around it, all for the ease of the pilgrims who visit each year. I was there on the 31st of October 2007 last, and in comparison, one is blown away by how much has changed and how much better it was for the pilgrims of Hajj this year. It is changes like these, that make me some what proud of what the government does for the ease of Muslims, if nothing else. Construction, extensions, additions and various other changes carry on as I write my experiences right now…

As I prayed, I constantly thanked Allah swt for allowing me to be able to make this trip and work on my soul healing. I grew up on being told, that one only gets to be there, like with all things, only when Allah swt wills it. I cannot thank my Lord enough for having me over, short be it may, but the amount of peace and strength I gathered from my experience, was yet again, spell bounding, enriching, HUMBLING and the perfect dose that I needed for me to begin anew, inshAllah…

Along with my prayers were duas for all family and friends, and yes my dear Naseebing friends, I did not fail to remember thee…

An amusing moment post prayer for me, was reflecting over how I remembered all Naseebers truly seeking their individual peace and happiness, to be granted all that they deeply seek, inshAllah, especially those seeking to be married, as am I too.

I thought of how in the recent gatherings of Masjid Al Haram, there might be a register recording duas of Muslims some where in the unseen existence around us all, pondering over how the term ‘Naseebers’ keeps popping up on its pages, on and off…

Keep the faith all those of ye who seek…

InshAllah, May all that we honestly, truly seek, be ours, May Allah swt grant us all the sabr and strength we need, to pass thru the trials and tribulations He swt puts us thru, May Allah swt grant us all the opportunity to see the Holy Kabaah with our own eyes, be able to visit it, and pray for what we need to pray, and may He swt heal all of us who need Him at our weakest moments… May He swt give us peace and contentment in all that He has blessed us with, May He swt bless us with humility, tolerance, goodness and togetherness of faith as Muslims…


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