Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Ramblings of a half asleep, yet wishful mind

They say, ''Your eyes are gorgeous!''
Why do they fill up with tears, yet still?
If they really are so beautiful,
Then why won't someone look into 'their' still?

They say, ''My my, what a lovely smile!''
Then why let it tremble, and falter awry?
Why make my lovely smile be no more?
Why would you, why would you say such lores?

They say, ''Oh wow, you've such silky hair!''
Come over here then and stop with the stares.
Don't stand afar, don't promise me stars,
Just spend some time with me, I don't ask for hours!

What's with the talking, what's with the words?
I get that u're a stud, but I too wish to be heard!
Leave me alone, I'm not one of your fans,
I don't want such attention, I just want one man.

A man who can love me, and call me his own,
with actions that speak, not just a lovely baritone.
With arms that give security, imaginations surpassed,
Help dreams become a future, a reality alas!


Anonymous said...

Oh the pinings.

Hayaah said...

pinings indeed...

I forgot id written this, actually scrawled it in a book, while forcing myself to keep awake as I had to make a call abt a job =/ Hence the late posting...

Eramsurviv0r said...

What you wish will be your reality one day...
Don't give up on it...it just needs time..

You know how when you search for something so bad..everywhere, but still you can't find it..?

Usually, it finds you when you stop looking for it. This is how i perceive this.

Hayaah said...

it is another adage isnt it.. that we find it when we stop searching? My worry is not wanting it anymore when it finds me... because i know the pain of it, wudnt ever want to be the giver of it to any other soul... hence the search continues :)