Sunday, 5 October 2008

Life's Walk, Work & Smiles

We live in a world of Pragmatism and Despair
We walk on the roads of populace so bare
We work amidst feelings seldom shared
We smile up at faces, or do we blankly stare?

Life led practicaly, makes a lot of sense
Despair leaves things futile, turbid and tense
Prayer takes u places high and unique
Meditate, be at peace; no point being piqued.

Walking amongst people, yet feeling no warmth
Greed and hunger for all and beyond
Sharing and caring, concepts of old
Love unconditionally, stop it! Be bold.

Working and slogging, u go unappreciated
your value in currencies is being equated
They're thankless, leave them, dont be sold
Balance ur life before ure too old.

Smiling an act that soothes out most sorrows
spread it, give it, dont wait for tomorrow
Blank stares are empty, theyre all jst cold frowns
What we need is warmth, perhaps one to call our own.

Live in a world of goodness amass
walk out on roads filled with flowers and grass
work only where ur heart feels at ease
smile and rejoice, co- exist in peace.

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