Saturday, 20 September 2008

The End is Too Near

A war in my house
A war in my head
U peep on outside
There is so much blood shed

The war in my house
I can escape, survive
The war in my head
Those voices are too alive

The ongoing war outside
It’s memory is carving up too deep
These people killing people
Is too inane, unreal – are we freaks?

A brain to think with
A heart with which to empathise
Humans, we’re all humans
YOU are killing, do u not realise?

This war in my house
It sometimes subsides
This war in my head
Is ongoing, forever on a rise...

It will be the very end of us, our mans’ kind !


Blue Bird said...

very nice words,
i like it very much ,
Dear ,
Have a nice day

Hayaah said...

thank u :)