Saturday, 1 June 2013

Waiting on Happiness?

Your heart bursts into innumerable pieces in happiness for the people who shared their news; Two very beautiful ones – a friend who got married after a long wait for ‘the one’, and another friend who had a baby girl. While you sit and cry out of joy for them – truly… deeply – you don’t know when that cry turns inward for yourself, bent upon focusing on things that you yourself never got. You appease your heart that Allah knows best, and perhaps your time is to be longer in length, more lengthy in wait, than what others your age went through – and with that reminder you wipe away your tears and smile wider for them in complete joy, for their happiness. May they be blessed with the best that this world has to offer and be carried to the best of the Final Abode too – Ameen. May my wait be accompanied by infinite strength to ride me through to the shores that are meant to be mine, and may my heart be content with it all – Ameen.

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