Monday, 29 April 2013

He's Delectably Precious...

One of the most precious things about him is how he picks things up for the first time; you can see curiosity oozing out of his eyes and he delicately examines the feel and touch of them… The moment he establishes eye contact with you decides what happens next. If you move quickly towards him, or raise your voice in warning, request or command (or move and use voice together) – he’ll fling the object and run, or just run with it – but if you politely walk away or distract him with something else, he oh so preciously – very delicately puts it right back and walks away from it back to you or the other beguiling thing that you used to distract him with. His delicacy in putting things right back where he picked them up from, in the manner they were when he picked them (to the best of his almost 2 year old ability), just has my heart melting up into a gooey warm mush.

Mash’Allah and Alhumdulillah.

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