Thursday, 7 April 2011

Post ''Last Night''

''Last Night,'' I saw
and you came to mind;
Your memories defied
came back to cry
along with those of another
whose in comparison
were but few
Then thought did I
to ask you and pry
if perchance you had seen it too
But stopped myself, I
and not even through an 'inbox' did try
(I just barely managed to deny myself of it all
with chastised thoughts in lieu)
I put my battered feelings aside
and to write this sat down instead:
So what if this heart cried
and so what if this soul felt deprived
Their faith in His Decree
must withstand all their doubts' many hues
In His Knowledge the past remained
and better than us only He Knew
of all that had since then ensued
In Such A Knowing I laid back to sigh
In His Assurance I again resigned to comply
and in hopes of His blessing me with patience
I breathed on to see what my future held
for a tomorrow that was deemed to be my better due

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