Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Maria Tag Report - albeit 9 months too late O_O

Once upon a ''tag'' ago, I had thought about what I would write. Although what transpired was simply a calendar marathon; almost a year since has been tucked in to sleep. Amidst random musings this body was re-awoken to give it a fresh shot, this time, in a more wordy fashion and not just virtual scrawls inside the head. Therefore, without much further ado - Tagged post - On your marks - Get set - GO!

1. Make up and Heels are over-rated. Asides from the Hindustani Nari (2nd meaning on link) must have  kajal - I could do with out all else.

2. I prefer the company of men, in comparison to ''most'' women. Female giggles and shrilly banter makes me try out new techniques in my head, devicing painful murder ideas.

3. I find people who use 'cute', 'amazing' and 'awesome' for most of their descriptions of things, aggravating! We all at some point DID get out of high school, right? So why not - the Im so cool pet lingo too? =S

4. I don't think women need to dress slutty, in order to state their femininity. All their noise over it being for themselves, to me is ***wash! After all, men aren't expected to expose ''their package'' in order to look good for themselves, are they?

5. I don't think all babies are cute --- Based on many true stories.

6. I think loud voices should be outlawed - especially the argumentative sorts. Shrilly voices should be used as punishment against the perpetrators.

7. Prudes are people in denial. Deep down they love it. Yes, I said it.

8. Sometimes I think I need anger management.

9. I often think about running away from home and getting amnesia; in that order.

10. I'd like to speak my mind to some people, but because I don't, it has led to #8.

I wonder if the above were tag worthy. Nevertheless, that would be all for now folks... as the cliche goes, different strokes for different folks!

~Peace out!


Gyanban said...

Interesting point of view.

Hayaah said...

Any specifics? :)