Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tooting One's Own Horn

What is with that, I've always wondered. What exactly is it that enables some of us to go on and talk about ourselves; about how ''good'' we are at this, how ''fabulous'' we look in that, how ''brilliant'' our work is, how ''lovable'' we are, etc. The list obviously goes on. Knowing that we may be good at something, fabulous in some way, brilliant in another, lovable and hug-able, bed bath body and beyond, is one thing - Tooting one's own horn blatantly, another. I sort of instantly recoil when someone does this, at most times. Perhaps there is an art of being able to not sell oneself short without screaming your assets off the top of a skyscraper? I don't understand how this works. Is it pride full throttle that fuels this behavior, is it the kind of upbringing one has had, is it an inbuilt personality defect, an amalgamation of all these things, or is it something else?

Me, personally; I guess I shall forever just be amazed at how some do it so casually and actually get people to be fascinated by it, while myself silently, I'll try fighting away its distastefulness. Finding the balance between being judgmental and having an opinion sucks. How we express our opinion on the subject is of essence in deciding whether we are being the horrid beasts who 'judge', or if we are simply taking a stand on our thoughts and opinions...

Funny Mysteries we; Humans.

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