Friday, 10 December 2010

'The' Precipice, or 'A' ?

This journey is not complete. The human heart, never quite acquiesced, resents having it's time cut short before it feels ready to let go of all that it has to do in this lifetime. Therefore, it dreams on for things it hopes to have, do, or see in a tomorrow unseen - and - sometimes it succeeds in making the dream into a reality, sometimes it doesn't. It's just as simple as that. In a humble journey of 30 odd years thus, I think to myself of the precipices I've been on. The sheer falls that I have not jumped, the steep heights that I have not reached, and the many edges that I've scraped through; Alhumdulillah, survived. They have been what has come together to make me. I keep arriving at a precipice - of some shape, sort, or another - every now and then, as I breathe and continue to exist. Falling is impending, Jumping a choice - Heights are looming, Climbing them tiresome - Edges are inescapable, Scraping through; lifes test. The riddle, nevertheless remains, whether we on this journey (had) arrive(d) at 'THE' precipice, or 'A'.

What ensues, ''in stone'' thus, perhaps decides...

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