Sunday, 21 November 2010

What Men Want

[ Blogadda contest entry for - What men want . Perhaps where my thoughts come from may not be clear to the reader. Perhaps the song at the end of my post would elaborate in some way. Perhaps... ]

Tiny little boxes; the last place, I would dare trying to fit a man into. As far as my experience goes, men don't like hearing others speak from a boom box, explaining what it is that THEY want. After all, men want what they want, and all men -just like women- are different. We can joke about it from this perspective, or steam about it from another, but no two ideas - or more- can ever do justice to the elusive question of ''what men want'', just as none can carve into stone what women do.
She asked her father, ''Daddy, what will I be?''
Daddy said, ''Princess, whatever you wish, you'll see!''

She said to her father, ''Daddy, please don't, it hurts and I'm scared!''
Daddy said, ''Shut up! Or I'll have you do more!''

The above situations (and let's call the last one -insinuation-); both realities, but with an array of spectrums in between. While one man wanted nothing but happiness in the life of his daughter, the other abused it for his selfish needs and reasons.

What a man wants, could be just as giving or selfish as what a woman wants. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the personalities of both; whether they come from a moralistic high ground, or a morally devoid one. I could list pages of things, but that would still fall short in the case of one man, or the other, and yet another, followed by some more. One tag simply does not fit all, is all I have to say.

I could say, 'what a man wants' is to...

- be a man
- be a son
- be a successful human being
- be an inspiration
- be a good friend
- be a brother, a husband, a father
- be a leader, a provider, a caretaker
- be taken care of yet be strong
- be sensitive yet be solid
- be the rock for those in his life, no matter of what essence, role or gender
- be THE MAN of all men.

I could say one thing, then I could say a hundred more, and I'd still have not gotten it right. For, there really isn't one little box in which all the men out there can be placed into, what with their varied wants and history's that stand witness to where they come from, making their actions their talisman.

What Men Want results announced [It's quite humbling that this post got mentioned by the Judge]

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Linda S. Socha said...

Beautifully well said

Hayaah said...

Wow, coming from you, that's sure means a lot to me. I felt I couldnt put into words with this one, all that I wanted to. If something came across to you in the read, then I guess I doubt myself more than I realise I do...

Thanx! Hope you've been well :)

Sadiya Merchant said...

dats actually quite right....nothin dat anyone can evr say on the subject cud b just rite or just enough!
nice! :-)

subtlescribbler said...

written beautifully and actually gives a new definition to the topic. if i had to vote, i would have chosen u :)
all the best!


Hayaah said...

Thank you Sadiya. That's how I felt about the subject too. Thus, only said as much as above.

Subtlescribbler, thanks so very much for dropping in, and such a heartening vote of confidence. Appreciate it :)