Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I often get questioned about whether it is pathos that I wish to evoke through my words. I wonder, is it? I know on the surface and in between it isn't. I write because it is cathartic for me when I feel the desolation spreading inside of me. The desolation is temporary, and the writing permanent. It's permanence enables me to come back to see what I conquered, succeeded in getting past, thus helping me gain from this success; encouraging me to be able to do so again the next time I fall, or even simply stumble. My pathos is nothing in comparison to that of those that live in the vast beyonds of their everyday tests. Their tests are heavy on them, as mine are on me. I simply seek to unburden myself of myself, through myself. In doing so, if someone finds solace in my woe, so be it. If someone offers me a pearl that shines for me, so be it...

I am a recorder of most things woe.

At least I know it. My therapy is living through my everyday (ever conscious of bigger bad's that exist in the lives of others), and not giving up.


Sanaa said...

I get it and I'm glad you're not as emo as you portray yourself to be.

Hayaah said...