Friday, 29 October 2010

Perhaps I may, Perhaps I might...

No, I will not comply.
Until my heart is done questioning, I will not stop feeling like I have been lied to, or at least taken for a ride that has had me derailed and searching for something that is always unknown.
I find it - I feel - and then just as quickly I feel, I have actually not. Not what I 'now' wanted. What I wanted 'then', now is not important, and what I want 'now' is not to be!
Does that make any sense?
Perhaps if it doesn't it is because what you are searching for is your own mystery, and mine is for now, mine to demystify...
So no, I will not comply. I must keep on going, that is, you I must defy. Until in my own understanding I feel like I am no more living a lie; of your making or my.
I know I have to let go of all the 'whys'
I must let go of all the whys.
I shall let go.
Perhaps I may, perhaps I might.
Let go of you and all my whys.

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