Thursday, 9 September 2010

Almost Incensed Stupor

Spitting fire, wantonly shameless
Saying whatever comes to mind

Bending no more in courtesy's crossfires

For sorry excuses: ''slashes their tires''

Takes no prisoners for this is no war, but
With words like fire, leaves all to perspire

Has a pure heart with nothing to hide
All sorts of worries in One God confides.


Sanaa said...

The ending is so cute. Forgive the vanity of the comment. BUT THE ENDING IS CUTE OK!

Hayaah said...

khi khi... I had my devils horns on my head out for a visit, whilst this played out for real.

*monthly visitors* can play wierdness with one's normalcy ;)and thus, such a post 0= )


Mohammed Ibrahim (Admin) said...

gud post...well written and interesting....gud presentation..keep blogging and wish u all the best!

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Hayaah said...

Thanx... Not really began blogging for the fad of it, rather I write because it comes naturally to me. If one reads it would be apparent that my blog here is posts that are all personal narrations or reactions :)

Appreciate your dropping in...

re: the contest... Im glad u provided me with the leeway, ''please read my post n support me by voting if u find it interesting...''

I did read it... im just not that into competitions per se... but im also very conscientious about being fair... U directed me to that contest and I thought another post was more deserving, hence voted for that. I hope you dont take that personally please.

Thanx for the best wishes... I wish u the best as well :)