Saturday, 3 July 2010


Plunged the senses
Deep past sanity
The before now and after all became a blur.


Gyanban said...

I think you need to write more, as in a bit longer, for the central thought or philosophy to surface out. This is a good attempt and I 'd like to read a bit more in the future.

Hayaah said...

I seldom write just 3 lines. It's almost always usually longer. Do feel free to browse the longer posts. This one was roped in by the prude inside of me, to stop before it unseiged itself into areas Id rather not visit.

Call it some bad patches from a life past, mixed in with unhappy scars, affects of others mistakes, and other stuff. I know, three lines and all that - one would think - but that's that.

I prefer not to break it down for anyone reading, rather let them imagine where ever the mind may take them and interpret accordingly.

Thanx uber much for stopping by with your feedback. Shall keep it in mind during future endeavours :)

varsha said...

Hayaah! perfection doesn't matter,passion does.And I can feel the intensity of your words.
As your Blog Title echoes,poetry is about finding your voice-not trying to make others understand>
Keep writing,keep discovering yourself,and keep finding friends!

Hayaah said...

Thanx Varsha!

I shall do just that, and I love that there are all kinds of reactions to the same set of words, each quite intriguing in ways for me as the writer.

Really really appreciate the encouragement too :D

Saibal Barman said...

I read it and read it for so many times...and enjoyed newer and newer ripples it brought to the shore of my mind...and I endlessly wished for the next; then I looked up and felt ashamed of not seeing the horizon beyond all waves...coming, receding and coming...and it all blurred..the before and the after..only the horizon floated like a fine string of just a few truth, a few promises, a few dreams, and a few moments...yes, I gazed on...unrestrained...
With all best wishes,

Hayaah said...

Wow... your reaction to it made me read it again and again, and see it how you saw it, and let me tell you; quite breathtaking this picture you've created on with words here!

Thank you, oh so much, for your lovely comment...
Best wishes reciprocated in kind,