Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Fitful Slumber

Her words meshed
then spun into a vortex,
that opened into the cave of her head,
allowing themselves
to be coaxed into a slumber uncontrolled.


Kaash Parinda said...

Hi Shaeemaa,

Nice! reminds me of a line I once wrote..."coaxing words from the the crevices of my mind..."

Keep at it, your friend in verse, Salim

Saibal Barman said...

I see a painless flight of solitary gull touching every crest of bubbly waves that vast azure ocean offers....I wonder who is blessed by whose presence...the words or the thoughts...or the mind that binds both into togetherness...
I enjoy sipping every drop of divinity churned out of this grand eddy...

Hayaah said...

First off, my apologies for getting back to these replies so late. Ive been on a mnth's vacation with barely any time to get online! Having said that...

Kaash: Pleasure to have you reading my stuff! Im glad it reverberated within you, and also awed that it could be at par with something you had ever written! :) Thanx much!

Saibal Jee: You leave me in a trance with the way you express yourself, always and always! The fact that you could see so much and feel so, simply through the mere few words that I humbly coined in a moment of unrest amassed within my half asleep being, is just spell bounding for me! Thank you over and over, for being SO kind, and blessing my blog with your presence! It is deeply appreciated :)