Monday, 21 June 2010

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers
We are all prancers
Left on to right
And then on to a spin
When does it stop
On some petty whim?

Answers to Questions
We don't have them all
Right from wrong
Rolling like a ball
When do we it all understand
-What, which, where, and how- find?


Anonymous said...

like d new add ons...each day u can get better.submit ur blog 2 indiblogger wl b useful.more visibility. jus subscribing 2 ur blog now. n m so glad to find out Kourtney K has a blog. thanks for that!:D

Hayaah said...

Thanx sweet!
Ill see about submitting it to indiblogger... is that different from blogadda? im just a little overwhelmed about being able to follow things up on all individual places if I sign up in many at one time... Lets see :) U keep egging me on and Ill keep doing it, he he ;)

As for Kourtney K... I had to figure out, as to how exactly did I help you find that? What it thru the news reel? :D I dont even know who she is... *shudders at the reaction this revelation will have* :P

*hugs* Thanx for subscribing! Appreciate the support, always and always...