Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Good Better Best

We live in the world of Big Better Best, where one is never at Rest... 

The following words of my Lower Kindergarten teacher echo in my head,

... Good Better Best
   Never Let it Rest
  Till Your Good is Better
  And Your Better Best

as I think to myself: This was all good while we were being taught young, to not give up until we had achieved our best. But; while growing up on the message of nothing being good enough as good, because it had to be something bigger -better- and better had to be best, some of us lost track of standing still and being okay with what we DID have. Perhaps what I am trying to get at is still a mystery in a way because I sat down to write my thoughts out based on the unrest that prevails our everyday existence on a whole...

I heard about a man from my father's workplace today, who, about to go on his annual leave had put in a request for his pay due. The ensuing details were no news to me of course, nevertheless, shocked me anew they did on hearing them. His Big Boss (who ever he is) refused to pay the man of humble means his salary until AFTER he returned from his trip back home! This man of no means except for his daily wages (who was denied his earned for bread); he is not to be paid when he needs it while going back home to his family that he lives away from, for months on end if not years!

My heart pounding in anger and my mind at unrest, I silently wailed over the irony of mankind; The rich who have all the means in the world keep getting richer, while those who need to be given their due, have it kept from them in ways all kinds of unfair and unfathomable!

What has become of our faiths? The moral fibre of our being? We continue dabbling away with the going-ons of our everyday - mostly - oblivious to the hardships and toils of our fellow pedestrians on this road we are all to walk on... A road very transient if we but only stop to ponder! This temporary abode that most of us are throwing ourselves after, is not going to serve us for much when it all ends, will it? Do we ever find the time to stop and reflect beyond what we have always known to be right to US? Does it matter what faith we follow and what material objects we own when the final bell tolls? Isn't humanity to be strung into our moral sense before we loose ourselves in the intricacies of selfish never ending viles that belie kindness, goodness, and justice? What makes us think that we are better than anyone else? How can one man who has not much to want for, be blind to the every day basic NEEDS of another? And, as if that blindness was not enough, even go out of his way to make sure the other unfortunate is bereft of the little bit that is in all fairness his? This due amount is a mere scratch on the vault of his riches in comparison!

Meet our death we all shall, us mere mortal beings... 

Perhaps a reminder of our glimmering mortality is what may slow us down today; to remember to be fair? To be content with our ''goods'' (and not fall prey to greed), try doing our better for another soul if we have been blessed with the tiniest of means even, and live an ultimate best of together-ness as a result? Too much to hope for it seems, more often than not, off late!

A sad state of affairs our human shred of conscience has fallen into... 

*(To anyone interested, check out the following link for an interesting animated information about the world of consumerism that we live in; us the consumers! 


Shwetal said...

that was heartfelt. I cannot but agree with the anger that you feel when I see such injustice happening all around us, all the time. The irony is that so many times, we let it pass unnoticed, simply because it has become part and parcel of our daily life... and many other times, we are the perpetrators of the crime, by being silent commarades... I guess it's time we stood up for what we beleived and actually lived the values that we wish to see around us.

Hayaah said...

Thanx shwetal!

I totally agree, and am an avid believer of what our Mahatma Gandhi long ago said, ''Be the change that you wish to see!''

Can't go wrong with that one. Anyone who questions that, is afraid to stand alone to begin with, because those who stand by right, dont always have the support backing them until the masses begin to form around it.

Sadly, such is life, or so it appears as yet.