Saturday, 5 June 2010

My Sun, My NooM...

In the absence of your presence I break down,
In the knowledge of you two being together
I seek solace,
In hopes of your success and peace
I sit down to pray,
In prayer I ask for resilience to enable you in finding your happiness,

I wipe my tears,
Take a grip on my faith,
And I leave you,
In the protection of His Light and Shade...
With this Assurance of Him in my heart

I then allow myself to try and fall asleep.


Anonymous said...

its beautiful!!i cried after reading it...i know how that feels..ur younger siblings going away.,they'll be missing u too...u were the closest to sure they'll find their ways best wishes with tehm and u strong..see u soon

Hayaah said...

Uz, that you?
in sha Allah, I will...

I most likely will be at work, 5 mins away from your place by car ;)

Sanaa said...

and Namo's back home now. so relax with those tears, mushcutieball <3

Hayaah said...

This mushcutieball says that those tears find temporary respite every now and then in prayer my lil boo... But they worry nonetheles for your distance away from physical presence yet still.

The emotion shall be alive and distraught just as much when she does leave again. It'll my wandering worrying heart stretched out on two continents (a lil geography help here? :P), if not then two different times zones at least!

love u more than much and much more than more and mostly more than more much or most and then ever some more!