Monday, 11 January 2010


A residue is all that remains of me at the end of each day
Sometimes aglimmer from a good day
And sometimes it jst sits
Like ashes from something burnt and spent
I thank the Lord for each day that is a blessing good or bad,
I pray to Him for a conciousness at all times
Of the people who I share my surroundings with
My responsibilities towards all and whom that are around me
And while doing that not to forget myself
But at the same time not be self absorbed in myself either
And thus,
At a residue of myself I look on at the end of each day
Sometimes satisfied and thankful for whatever shimmer I see
And during other times I pray for a patience
To guide me through everything and all things else
That are my minds unfulfilled quests; innumerable maybe's...


Linda S. Socha said...

This is beautiful and real and so how it can be. Thank you for sharing this one

Hayaah said...

You're most welcome Linda. Im the one who should be thanking you for such ardent support of all my random musings!

Ive been unable to read around on the blogs since getting back on the payroll. Life has a wierd way of keeping us unsatisfied with something or the other, no matter where we stand in our today's...


I hope and pray things at ur end have been pleasant if not all and out fantastic, inshAllah :)