Thursday, 14 January 2010

In a fraction of a second...

Everything shook and caked
Beating hearts lay no more awake
Be he man child or woman
None were spared
In a glimmer of a moment
Lives were torn and braked
Rich or poor, black or white
Matter not when the earth decides to bite
And in its haste takes away lives
Leaving behind crying hearts and eyes
Some seeking answers and some goodbyes unsaid
While the news remains blaring on for a few weeks at best
And then the world goes back to its heartless beds
Forgotten the cries, forgotten the lives
Except in the hearts of those who closely survived
And those who were awakened
To take on a better hold of their shallow hives
Make amends before time comes a calling
Without any warning bells or memos of doom and falling
In less than a second we'll be smushed to dust
And gone will be the lists we make of our to do's and lusts
Wake we must ourselves up
Before we go away from this life like such, crushed...

... RIP victims of Haiti earthquake,


Reshma said...

Subhaan Allah...your writing touches the soul...we need to make sincere repentence...
IstaghfirAllah, istaghfirAllah, IstaghfirAllah wa aauzubikah minal Aazaab annaar...

Hayaah said...

jazakAllah khayr for the kind praise Reshma Apa! :)

indeed we all do, at all times, keep repenting...