Saturday, 30 January 2010

Futile Marathons?

We're all running marathons for reasons unknown. Some of us are completely clueless about what pumps us; like really at the back of the urge that which makes us run on so. Then there are those of us, who believe that they know, and have it all chalked down to a T, the way they are going to achieve their end result. But in actuality, the end result is an entity its own; one completely out of our hands, incomprehensible by our human minds. This futile marathon that we seem to be competing in - sometimes with ourselves and sometimes with others - seems like a waste of time, especially more so if we go about this race trampling others, bereaving those who we come across on our paths -their paths- and forgetting that another (and more) also exist besides us, made from a similar atom that has just as fine, unique, final, and inescapable an end. An end that could take us on to a final after life (based on our beliefs), where the bell that tolls will resound our fate for ACTUAL eternity, unaffected by our microscopic understandings of today and all its magnificent entailments...

To only ONE GOD I pray and to HIM is my return,
I have no doubt about THAT,
And Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was His last messenger!

All the rest that ensued thereafter, is best known ONLY by Him; The Most Magnificent, The Most Merficul, The Best of Planners, The Ubiquitous!


Linda S. Socha said...

Can you be found on facebook

Hayaah said...

Yes I can :)
use this email Id to find me...

Also, please let me know once you have read this, because I dont want to leave my id on here, so Ill remove it once you have gotten it.

Await ur reply.

~ Hayaah :)

Linda S. Socha said...

Hello again....No success but I will try again! Please locate me on facebook at Linda Socha or lindasocha