Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Solemn Prayer...

I am weak, not at all strong
The devil beckons me to go on and do wrong
I am helpless, fighting him ardently
Yet still blundering about, desperately restless
My spirit often finds itself screaming
Wretchedly behesting itself to overcome 
My weakness from taking control of me
Be firm in my need to have a faith strong
And in His Omnipresence let reside my scorn
In all the dastardliness of my needs and wants
Designed by none other but the devil's damned self
And find my ease in my Master's promises
That with every hardship also comes ease
And in that knowledge lay my demons down to sleep
And perhaps there after also bury them firmly; deep
And on having done so, resign myself...

... to hopefully in peace
 finally allow myself to fall asleep.

- iA... Ameen


Anonymous said...

its nice but very haunting..if u understand what i mean!

Hayaah said...

mmm... haunting? really? perhaps if I knew who anonymous was, maybe I would understand what u meant by 'haunting' per se 0= )

thanx for reading :D

Meena said...

Still so sad.

Hayaah said...

''Still'' ? = o

Anonymous said...

Amazing, I love it. May you find peace, may we all find our peace.
My prayers may not be enough, but they are with you.

Hayaah said...

JazakAllah khayr and thank you ever so much for ur kind praise! :D