Saturday, 5 September 2009

You & I

We live in different worlds, you and I.

I have been seeking you for a while now. You seem to not want to be found as yet?
Apparently so…


They say I am far too old to easily compromise with you now. They also say I am way too religious to catch you if you are a ''cool fun'' person.

If you are a ''cool fun'' person, can you also not be a muslim? Why do we as muslims, have to categorise ourselves as liberals or moderates and fundamentalists?

I am a muslim.


It means I follow the basic pillars of Islam.

If you do too, that’s all I am asking for.

You, who is a muslim with an intelligent head on his shoulders who doesn’t think it’s a sin to crack a joke and live a balanced life; the balance being between this world and your deen.

So, I am asking for too much, eh?

‘Cos apparently we live in different worlds, you and I…


Linda S. Socha said...


I love your writings...I want to say...tell me more

Anonymous said...

I know - its like impossible - the battle to remain "normal" and even more so to find someone normal.

Hayaah said...

Thank you Linda... Its always great to read that someone gets my verbal blah blah that often just comes out from a lapse in my control over my frustrations and anger!

Your encouragement helps me to keep posting what ever words I babble out of me 0= )

As for telling more... at this moment, gess this is all there was inside that wanted to come out...

Hayaah said...

Yea Meena... It seems like an impossible goal often a times when my patience starts running low and I see myself only getting more older and nuttier and alone = |

Anonymous said...

See, what's more alarming, is that sometimes, when the potential for being not alone comes...I bolt - alas, the brain is completely infathomable.

Hayaah said...

Hmm... I gess I dont even have the potentials to be weighing my stand on the infathomable at the mmnt =(

but i would say that if ure kind of figuring out that this may be a prob for u, then ure steps ahead identifying part of the problem... that wud mean ure half way near solving that issue once uve embraced it AS an issue...

I have a feeling i might not make sense this post around... apologies if thats happened 0_0