Monday, 7 September 2009


Faces that keep scrolling on an organized page
Names in classifieds typed up on limited space
Dreams of childhood brutally disgraced
With a reality shaken, to prayer I turn my face.

- Unimaginable to me were these - what I am living - my lonely lonesome days…


Ali said...

BTW I am the guy who wrote Lonesome soldier, lost and a warrior's quest

Hayaah said...

Ur posts are lovely Ali. Ill add u to my yahoo/msn, iA. Look out for an id with the word 'shoe' in it ;)

Re: the Naseeb comment. The servers of Naseeb are undergoing some or the other facelift, and its an ageold fact that sometimes comments disappear. As long as ure unpaid, the only thing u can not do is sent chat requests or write n-mails. U can respond to both if sent by someone else. Journals and comments are open to all. Everyone who is no more a novice there, has realised that its better to save ur comment before sending, jst in case it gets lost in cyber space for reasons unknown, and if its saved, u can jst repaste the 'long' post without TOO much of an extra hassle ;)

Theres a tip for u :D And id appreciate we dont pass any racist comments abt pathans or anyone else. Generalisations arent very pretty to me and I do try refraining from them.

ps. No i am not one 0= )

pps. u wrote on my blog and yet no comment for it? :)