Monday, 14 September 2009

~~ An Inspired Piece

I saw a picture of my friend's daughter, sitting with her father at the bank of a river and was moved to write this in a spur... I ache to have a picture of my own like hers, one day iA...

A daughter beside her father, sitting a-stream
A vision in my mind, perchance to be seen whence I dream
My eyes shut closed, pain and aches no where near
I pray for this vision to come true, I pine for it in fear
Lest it remain a dream of slumber; in reality unravelled
I pray with hopes -albiet shaken- that live it I do like this one day; unshackled...

... iA, Ameen!


ommarah said...

This worried me.Is there a history behind this I dont know?Hope your ok hun x

Hayaah said...

Why would it worry you O? = o

It was really just a sentimental reaction to seeing my friends daughter, sitting so blissfully happy and content and trustingly, with her father. The picture was such that they both had their backs to the camera :)

I saw it and perhaps the only sadness in me was from knowing that I never had that, but I was really really wishing that one day iA, perhaps ill have a daughter who shall have that, maybe...