Saturday, 26 September 2009

Imperfect beings seeking perfection!

That’s where the problem begins. We were born to err. We were born imperfect. Perfection was, is, and will forever remain unattainable. We can aim to be better. Sure. But can we be THE best? Can we possibly cross all borders, swim past all oceans and climb every mountain and check, compare with anything, everything breathing to assure ourselves that we ARE the best?

That’s right. I doubted it too.

So yeah -perfection, being the best- uhm… why are we chasing them again?

Perhaps because we are human? Humans are born to want. Need! I read a Chinese proverb somewhere. It went along the lines of, ‘‘We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.’’ Nice observation I would say, if there were any!

From the get go, we come out screeching – else we get spanked to do so in case of other medical issues – and all we do is whine and whimper till our needs are met. Only for a few hours that is, and then the whining is back on repeat modes infinite. Then man grows up. Man grows up wanting until the day he dies. Even those who commit suicide, say they want nothing more, but they delude themselves as they take their lives away in the hope of ending their misery and find peace from it. They in that state are wanting peace.

So what is the point of my tirade? It is that we are restless beings forever looking, even when we think we are not. We think that something is wrong with us, or we are in need of something and we sometimes spend hours (an entire lifetime even) thinking about all that we do not have, all that we wish we had, and all that IS NOT in our lives. If we do spend time reflecting on ourselves, and our past actions - thoughts even - we start afresh by lamenting over our mistakes or being utterly miserable about having made them. Beating ourselves up over/about them even.


Is it so wrong to forgive ourselves KNOWING that we are humans and humans were born to err? As a Muslim, I find peace in knowing that we were born to err. It all began with when Adam had that sinful apple, yes indeed. It began then, and it shall only end on that Last Day of Reckoning when time shall stop for all and amends can no longer be made.

So what’s with my theological twist you might wonder? Nothing at all. Simply that, we are humans and we were born to err. The only thing we need to remember is that (based on my Muslim faith ofcourse), we also have the reassurance of our Lord to repent. To Pray and ask for all we want. To be assured that it WILL be granted. If not today, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow then in the afterlife. If not in the way we want it, then surely it WILL be substituted with something better, and in KNOWING that such a PERFECT EXISTENCE has promised us so, how can we not find peace in KNOWING that it is okay to make a mistake - sin even - only so long as we stand right back up and repent. Make a change. See what did not work out and move forward to seek something else. Something that might work, but we wouldn’t know unless we tried right?

When we trust the Ultimate Power, there is no need to falter. No need to worry. It is only other humans that we need to be wary of. For only humans are affected by the Satan’s words, and he has promised His Lord - Our Lord - to not rest until that Last Day either, and take on to hell with him in damnation, as many of Adams children as he can.

Would I want to be with him?

I don’t think so.

But I majorly digress and for that I apologise. I did begin by saying that we are imperfect beings seeking perfection. And 'this' is what makes us rather ridiculous (if you haven’t already sorted that reasoning out for yourself). Why don’t we count whatever little blessings we have today and stop ‘pining’ for those that we don’t. We ALL have something to be grateful for. We just need to stop and think about it. Really. Think about it!

Now if we are still breathing, therein is a start for you and me…

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