Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Im damned - CONFOUNDED - courtesy HIS rebounds


Seeking solace, I wish…
Blindly blunder into an abyss.
Remote peace, I persevere AND find,
But only until my memory reel rewinds.
The aches that you single handedly administered,
Your unique touch left scarring blisters!

Respite from you I have yet to find,
Tired of being gifted your insulting binds
Haunt me no more when you’re on a rebound
I am sick of being treated like an item in a lost ‘n found

The devil you calleth yourself in name,
The devil indeed, my heart hath claimed.
Induced into your mahem, my heart it was lost,
With distrust my mind burst up; a-froth.
Leave me be, a friend you seem no more
Aching for even a morsel of respect, you left me sore!

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