Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Again I pray...

Men who allure me
Please dont adore me

Why with 'you', why -me-?
Why make me feel for 'thee'?

Oh God, watch over -me-
Keep me safe from all such -he's-
Guard and preserve my precious modesty
Help me re-gain a modicum of my lost chastity
Absolve me of deeds that were encroached by their seeds
By a will of their own when I may have lost control
of who I was and who I could have been...


Linda S. Socha said...

What a beautiful and sad incantation.
It is a prayer that surely cannot be ignored

Hope all is well with you beautiful person

Hayaah said...

Memories and certain events in the present sometimes make one introspect within themselves and piercingly ache!

My pain sometimes resonates into words, that simply take form without necessarily having a pattern or a natural flow of rhyme or even reason.

Wonder if that made any sense O_O

Thanx for the caring wishes Linda... Life at the moment, genuinely isnt bad, but it does sometimes feel empty and without a purpose.

Do keep me in your prayers please and hope all is well with you too! :)