Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Life Bites!

I’ve voiced my frustration over my education before, but today it’s kind of reached a climax. Up until now, I had been telling friends and family about how I feel it has got something to do with the fact that my degree is from India, and I am an Indian.

Everyone says it’s in my head and its all about how one showcases themselves.


Please excuse my sarcasm, but today I got a very blunt and frank reply from a relatively new University of this country that I live in. I actually applaud their honesty. I was told that my application will not be processed because they want someone who has, ‘at least a higher degree’ from an English speaking country or experience of teaching in an English speaking country.

Wow… talk about denial.

I speak English better than I do Urdu. Agreed it’s a botched up accent that’s neither here nor there with its permanence, but dear God, it’s fluent and clear enough, or so I had been thinking all this while.

Another friend of mine, who recently started a job in Dubai, told me the same thing. If you have a degree in English from India, they aren’t buying it. They’re being openly racial about it. Either you accumulate enough degrees to compensate, else go get it from the world that’s known for speaking English only.

Damn them British who came to our country and left behind English. Oh no! The Indians learnt to speak it too! And Oh! The atrociousness that they did so in their homeland before we could!!!

Yes, I’m full of sarcasm. How does one go about re-doing life and its decisions? Perhaps I should go burn my degrees since they’re trash…

I’m beginning to wonder how I even got the 2 years in my basket, experience wise, ‘cos damn! What were they thinking giving me a job when I had zero experience? Perhaps it’s because there is a 2 year interim since I last worked? I so truly don’t know anything any more…

I found a course certified by the Cambridge University that is run by the British Council and is being conducted in the country where I reside. Sadly at the time I can’t make it in time to it, because I found out too late and the seats are full. Perhaps when they run it again this year, I’ll manage to get through, and may be then the buggers will let me teach at their educational institutes?

Back to looking for work I guess… What ticks me off is, if I’m complacent to what is happening and accept it as being good for me and meant for the best, I hear one bunch telling me that I don’t work hard enough for things. And if I whine and throw a fuss about it, I get told, such is life and it is for the best and I should take it in my stride.

Yes, go ahead and play the knot game with my brain. Like it doesn’t have enough to tangle it up already!

Anyone who tells me to get out of the country can please not bother right now, because if that was a possible option for me right now, I wouldn’t be sitting here and venting with a written rant!

Advice is not welcome. Read and be gone :P

Oh! And yes, I’m just being sarcastic so ignore my rudeness. I’m just PISSED off and I’d like to enjoy it for once instead of being level headed all the danged time…


TOOTA said...

LOL!! i love your sarcasim...anyways they're the ones who should be sorry...there not worth it!!

Hayaah said...

Glad some one got a ha ha out of it :P
I feel much better now and thanx for the support :)

Ophelia said...

Awww well I second TOOTA, I'm sure you can apply your passion in some other place iA.

And gosh I was going to sayy all of this stuff, but you told me to "read and be gone" : P

jk. Good Luck iA.

Hayaah said...

he he... :P

no worries u... it was a rare, ''cannot be rational must explode'' moment when I wrote this ;)

JazakAllah khayr :)