Friday, 13 February 2009

Bhai - the only one I have.

She's gone, long gone
You were wrong, oh so wrong!

But you loved her.

She wept, you and your home she left
You remained completely bereft

Because you loved her.

She thought, long and hard
Gave up on you, refused to forgive
You begged, oh you prayed!
Her heart you did so hard try to sway.

You kept on loving her anyway.

Time passed, so did days,
So damn fast and still yet too darn slow

You with your love waited in hopes to be heard.

Calls were made, prayers unlimited said
Her mind made up, her decision remained unswerved.

And you were left with your pain, one that felt like it bled
I said little to help, if at all
But in my heart I felt a pain two-fold
One for her, and one for you oh brother of old

My words may have been little
But solemnly I did continue to pray
And whatever may happen in days yet to come
Know this, that I will always love you still.


Meena said...

This is depressing :(

Hayaah said...

i was actually feeling much better after writing it down o_o

Meena said...

I'm sure that helped...but reading it still made me go twist up.

Hayaah said...

aww... am sorry = o

funny enough, when i wrote this, i wasnt in the pain i have been in earlier... at those times i just cudnt get the words together, as badly as i wanted to. This one doesnt even begin to show the everyday pain that is actually a part of it, in so many lives that it surrounds... but it did help write it down nevertheless...

we can all only pray that the Lord save us from 1st hand experience of such... iA... Ameen.

Ophelia said...

Hi Hayaah, I was actually visiting Meena's page and found yours. This one almost made me cry---you totally captured the -Oleander

Hayaah said...

Hey Ophelia.. thanx :)
Heartfelt emotions help write better I gess? And yea.. Meena and I sometimes find readers through each other ;)

ps. Oleander from Naseeb is it?

Sanaaaaa said...

Did Bhai ever read this?

Hayaah said...

Y do u have so many ''a-s'' at the end of ur name here?

And to answer your question, no, I dont think he did, cos he seldom bothers reading what I write. Im only ever emo right? :P Feel free to point him towards it if u think he needs to do so ;)