Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Unquenched thirst

Everytime I close my eyes, in my sleep you visit me, my dear!
You whisper softly, sweet nothings, with a sigh you then caress my ears,
Your touch so sure in its need it speaks, your kiss so deep it sears,
My heart it beats on wondering about, when this shall end and you won't be here,
When my body will waken, these eyes will seek a reality in which you'd be gone; I fear.

These thoughts with trembling hands I note when
slumber is past and I've woken to a reality that is severe,
Seperated from my reverie, our desires incomplete,
You are there and I am here,
Our bodies suffused for moments but few,
To an unquenched thirst I must adhere.


Anonymous said...

talk about pining

Hayaah said...

awakening from a dream so real, definitely WAS SO! =|

Eramsurviv0r said...

I almost felt that ! -_-"

You got a way with words girl....mashallah

Hayaah said...

Thanx :)
sometimes i surprise myself ;)

Anonymous said...

Drifting in search of paths to follow...
"Stabilty leads to strength and strength to success - Drifting paths makes instabilty and never can successful"

Dodging them cards that are deep yet hollow...
"Hollow things are usually empty and sad stricken, Plenty gives light and happiness"

Praying past sorrows...
Praying for the 'morrow...
"Past is a history and 'morrow is a Msytery, Present is a bless within lies the Bliss"

Smiling with faith... Believing in Fate!
"The above is only ultimate Truth when applied with the Power of Will gives the world you want or you would like"

Drifting in search of paths to follow...]


A Friend

Hayaah said...

Thank u for visiting the blog, 'A Friend' :)

Im still trying to understand though, as to why u commented on this particular post? Because your comment is actually on the words from the 'who am I' section, and not this piece itself.

Re: the words themselves... the depth and reason behind the words comes with the time line in which they were written.

'Drifting' is a state of my being, which is in quest of a something that I feel I have not accomplished yet, and therefore shall remain adrift until having found it.

I actually disagree that stability always leads to strength and strength always to success. What I mostly disagree with is the use of the word 'Always'. Few things fall under the category of 'always', unless we have statistically proven facts to go with it :)

Again, hollow can never be empty. What matters is how you see it. Do u see the glass as half empty or half full? Since I see it as half full, I believe hollows spaces arent empty either. Sad stricken too would be subjective and contextual. Again, Plenty may give light and happiness to some, but ive seen many who have plenty still crave more and not be happy or feel the light that surrounds them.

Finally I agree with the last two dissections ;)that indeed, the past is history, tomorrow a mystery and the present a blessing within which lies bliss, Alhumdulillah! and inshAllah to the rite application of will based on belief in the last comment.

Would be interested to hear back from you :)
Again, thanx for visiting.

Apoyando said...

Reality always tastes sour, like it or hate it.
When you get tired of the search for reality, take a break and build a world of imagination :)

Hayaah said...

Hmm... Thanx for the stop by and taking time to read AND comment. Appreciate it = )

- Re: reality 'always' tasting sour... not really, yeah. It can pleasantly surprise you too my experiences have showed.

- As for 'searching' for reality... I feel that's not really doable... one has to only but stop to reflect with in and realise that it is all encompassing... we'd just been in denial and hadn't really noticed it :)

- And this world of imagination, is what keeps the heart young and thriving, so HELL YEAH i do keep taking breaks to dabble in it!

Thanx again for popping in! :)