Monday, 19 January 2009

Lost? Found? Regained?

Thoughts of you, in my head
as I get ready to slip into my bed
lonely again, my mind reminiscing
of things from past, all that is now missing
You in your solitude, to me no more speaking
the pain that they caused, you keep on diffusing
It's not worth your time and you can ignore
knowing who inflicted it my mind wants to explode
My emotions based on our times together passed
others who lashed out, their impudence crass
Lose you I might, because of actions insane
of others whose intentions were selfish, mundane
I pray that what we were will not become history
confusion of those lost will be granted amnesty,
their lashing out in their time of pain
will not be the end of you and I, that we will maintain
all that's been a part of us, not lose it no matter
what ever transpires, our thoughts let us not scatter
steadfast through these moments tasking, let us survive
please dont let go of the hand you held, because i've
felt the tenderness that showed in your eyes
when you lay next to me, hushing out my cries
when you had looked deep within, I had believed
that may be one day, we could try and succeed
to stick through the negatives that seem to surround
all that is around us, to stop them from rebounds,
let go of them together and start our lives afresh
stand by each other and walk through this quest
fight both our demons and survive no matter what
sturdy, supportive of each other without a doubt
Live all our moments, our dreams let us surpass
Come together forever, last till eternity? Alas!


Eramsurviv0r said...

I pray that you get what you wished for, What your heart desires hayaah. That you finally find your safe haven.

May a new, vivid radiant chapter open in your life. I just hope knowing that someone is praying for you might ease what you feel a little.

Take care

Hayaah said...

iA to the new vivid radiant chapter :) Ameen.

jazakAllah khayr for the duas... Indeed it truly does give me added hope, alhumdulillah :)
Thanx for visiting my blog... Ive put off replying for some time, my apologies... Jst started gettin arnd to all pending...