Saturday, 17 January 2009

Its not easy being a news reporter ;)


Eramsurviv0r said...

that was really pretty funny! the reporter was so pissed of people continuing to walk in front of the camera! XD

Then again, what did he expect standing in the middle of stairs right in front of a train station..? LOL

.....Good to see you're capable of feeling other feelings besides sadness and pain Hayaah..

there's more to life than just pain and suffering ne...? ^^"

Be more true to yourself...your name ^^
Take care...

Hayaah said...

he he... indeed he did bring it on to himself ;)

glad u get to see im not all pain and things morbid in nature :) I write mostly to purge negative thots and relaying my sad moments in words acts as a catharsis, alhumdulillah :)

There is definitely more to life than just pain and suffering... sadly its mostly those two that inspire me to write MORE often...

ps. Hayaah is jst a screen name ;) tho definitely one i aspire to emulate at all times :)