Saturday, 31 January 2009

I will never know 'WHY'?

They all had their reasons...
In one way relayed, or implied
In the case of ‘him’ when it mattered,
He left me never explaining why?

It seemed right when things unsaid
were always understood unspoken,
It seemed perfect when expressions
had expressed things now forsaken.

Something sparked when everything harked,
And when it couldn’t have gotten any better
something snapped, and like a faulty fuse
ignited, illuminated, spasm-ed, and finally diffused.

Un-comprehended, silently I let it go
It finally sunk in and I didn’t want it any more.
The one thing though that will always irk me is,
'his' severance having never explained WHY?


Anonymous said...

There is never enough of an explanation.

Hayaah said...

And sometimes there isnt any at all Meena...
sometimes its a gaping blank that leaves u blundering about gnawing ur brain out wondering waiting for a single coherent reason, if not more...