Tuesday, 31 July 2001

A Lost Soul...

A lost soul, bruised and wounded
desperately in search, in search for... ?
A heart that's numb
from so much want,
for a safety yet to be found,
so that her feet may finally know
what it's like to feel the ground, it's safety beneath;
shooken feet that can't stop trembling,
that can't help from depending.
A soul once pure, untouched, so sweet,
Now shattered and beaten,
so cruelly scattered, thrown back and sweeped.
A hand outstetched to be safely held,
A hand that's beaten, burnt and bent.
The emotions keep tangling,
keep wounding with in,
so completely wroughtened,
so chilled and cold.
A heart in search for the unknown,
An empty feeling with a thrust so bold,
A helpless realisation because of hopes all lost,
A hunger unfed, a thirst unquenched,
A longing inside, never to be satisfied,
A wound never to be healed,
A need never to be fulfilled,
A hand never to be thoughtfully held,
A heart never to be warmed,
A soul never to be shared,
A lost soul, never to ever find home...

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