Thursday, 11 January 2001

Lifes Endless Lessons

I thought I had it
All figured out
I thought this was it
without any doubt

And then I step forward
and what do I see?
Facts proving that afterall
there was much I had'nt foreseen.

And then when I thought,
Ok, now I know it all
Again came a person
and pointed at my hollow wall

And then I wondered
how much more must I learn?
And then I assured myself,
soon, it must be just around the turn.

And then when I reached
the turn I realised,
another block was placed
right there before my eyes.

And then it struck me
I had it wrong all this while,
In just so little time
I could'nt possibly have it all

Life has so much to show,
So very much to provide,
So many paths to follow,
Ever so many hills to over-ride.

''Today I've learnt all
that I possibly could'',
This is just not possible
to be so easily understood

For life is too complicated,
Very intricate indeed,
That reaching its end
can never be achieved.


samar said...

This is very true, we think we have it all figured out and life throws another curve ball. The more you learn the more you realize there is so much to learn.

Hayaah said...

Thanx so much for visiting the blog and commenting :)

Such is life, every passing moment of time, indeed. Once we stop to ponder, we actually begin taking it in in all entirety