Monday, 13 November 2000

The search

Emotion - a word experienced and felt,
a deep entity, so real it compels,
Its kinds keep varying
It's just a word when said
It's a feeling indeed,
a feeling so completely held.

I've succumbed to it
Though I fought it all the way
I've given in truely
Though I wish i had nay
It hurts and it gnaws
And I keep wishing, maybe... What if?

Life is a journey,
A damned test indeed
The tests are mostly hard
They make it hard to breathe
And their branches so intense
They see to it you bleed.

We do convince ourselves
It has another side
We do remind ourselves
It's ourselves who can make it right.
We just have to pass it
just help it grow

But the fact remains
that I have complied
In doing so, I feel like I've died.
My heart keeps beating
and yet it feels hollow
My eyes keep searching,
My soul, it follows!

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