Tuesday, 24 October 2000

A journey incomplete

A flame within me
which has been lighted
A thought which creepingly
clutches my heart and brightens

Stealthily it grows on
and warmth is what I feel
deeper within me
it settles and it heals

The emotions go on scathingly
inspite of being aspirated
The deeper feelings held on so desperately,
Whether to fight for dreams or just hang on through...

Common sense would be
to boldly move and take a step,
Speak out, demand,
Go ahead and not wait for the rest.

But the hopes lying deep beneath
in reality are too scared to speak

Weeping is what makes them get through
Will it ever be mine? Will it ever come true?

I wait and I cry
I cry though I love
I love as I dream
and I dream while I hope

and so the tears they continue,
and yet my journey is still not through...

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