Friday, 25 October 2013

To One Day...

SubhaanAllah – Glory be to Allah!

To one day hear that all was not futile,

To know that the heart can now rest

and all the tests are over,
The weights have been lifted,
The measures recorded,
The road ahead clear and sharp,
The walk ahead easy and quick,
To know that the wait is finally over,
To be on the other side,
And look back in wait to see
Who else from your loved ones
Will be joining you; freed
To stand my ground
And breathe in the most beautiful scents
To look around and see 
All the beautiful souls at peace
To be absolutely happy
The likes of which 
Could never be imagined
To hear my Lord say – Go!
Your sins have all been forgiven
And to Heaven is thy decree
And in Heaven shall thee reside!
SubhaanAllah – Glory be to Allah!
To hear those words be uttered to me,
To have them etched beyond just in my heart
To have them actually be made my reality
My heart and soul, mind, body and everything
It truly pines, and it awaits its destiny
In forbearance and repentance
In hope and in faith
It thrives and it waits
Inn Allaaha ma’a’Saabireen
For indeed, Allah is with
The patient ones.


Shaz Originals said...

loved it mashaAllah... and i am so glad the commenting works now... :))

Hayaah said...

Thank you behen, for the support - Always!
As for the comment section working again - it's been rather erratic and undependable - so let's hope it sticks around; insha'Allah :)