Monday, 13 May 2013

Away From The Hubbub

                                                         Listening and watching in silence
To all that's happening; she then sighs
Questioning herself to find a balance
To not respond in angry sarcasm
Others actions remain beyond her control
Managing emotions; crushing moans and groans
Adulation of things that will die
Eternity being mocked, as if a lie
Fusion of fashions, loud and aglow
Discussion of religion 
As if at a performance or a show
The clock keeps on ticking
Days on end keep slipping
Years roll into a decade
Where is it that she is headed?
Turning to the only Steady she knows
Throws herself into a bow on the floor
Supplicating for the gaps to fill
And not let her heart escape its till
Sanctimonious worship will get no one by
The soul has to join the heart as it cries
Reaching out to a seemingly oblivion
Allowing hope to sing and be ridden
On a glorious glimmering black stallion 
To a place that can only be God’s Haven…
Insha’Allah – Ameen.


Shaz Originals said...

mashaAllah.. beautifully penned bebo.... :).. and indeed is true.. the only place God's Haven.. :)

Hayaah said...

Can always count on the sisters appreciating <3
Thanks behen xxx