Friday, 29 June 2012


She walks in beauty; in sheer elegance, whispered poignance,
In utter command, her emotions in check,
The smile on her face, her glistening eyes;
surely they hold back so much more than a heart can imagine,
those lips that upwards turn, sporting mirth;
surely they hold back dialogue 
that perhaps the heart solemnly withholds,
She truly inspires with her reminiscent attire;
that bun, that beautiful simple chain, and ever so light make up,
it show cased her beauty - inside out,
her very gesture as she showed up to attend
and share in the happiness of her hosts, 
despite her own immense riveting loss -
Oh so much strength! Oh so perfectly cultured! (masha'Allah)
Surely they must be proud while they rest before the Yawn Al Qiyamah? (insha'Allah)
For they have indeed raised a beautiful daughter! (masha'Allah)
May Allah swt bless her with the best of emaan and health
as she takes care of her family; her siblings, her all...
May they all live the best that this duniya has to offer,
and get the ultimate best in the Hereafter too...
~ Ameen. 

*Safia \s(a)-
fia\ as a girl's name is a variant of Safiyah (Arabic, Hindi, Swahili), and the meaning of Safia is "friend; pure".

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