Friday, 15 June 2012

Gone And Remained

They came and
lingered amidst the fray
Only, so soon to be departed.
The heart and mind
are still recovering from this blow.
May their tests ahead by
made easy and smooth,
and their children
in the wake of this nightmare
have grace beyond imaginable,
cocooned by an abundance
of mercy from The Infinite;
To help them get back up on their feet,
be embalmed in Sabr
and walk with the strength
of Him by their side
through all and everything that lies ahead...

~Ameen, Ya Rabb Alameen~


Aziza said...

This is beautiful MashaAllah. :)

Hayaah said...

JazakAllah khayr, Aziza...
A heart that grieves with resilient faith in Allah, speaks through words blessed from Allah... I appreciate your dropping in to read and comment.

~ Salamalaykum :)