Sunday, 16 October 2011

Today I Was Happy...

All my rights and wrongs came together today to celebrate me turning all of thirty and one. A silly feel good trick of my dear friend had me giggling whilst telling those who asked, how I turned four today, because three plus one is only four after all; silly nothings really... yet deep down, they all comprised to make a day full of blessings oh so sweet and humbling. Wishes coming from all corners of the world and all parts of my yesterdays and todays; all truly making me realise that no matter how little or big the birds around me be, they all come flying down upon me with love, affection, and good wishes of happiness. I shall strive thus in my tomorrows -inshaAllah- to be a better me to my all... Thank you my world of people; for loving me so truly, I must have done something somewhere to be so blessed, Alhumdulillah O Rabbi Al Ameen!!!


create-me said...

love u bebo...May the almighty.. make each and every day happy... inshaAllah.. Ameen <3!!!

Hayaah said...

<3 u too my dear Shazo... Ameen and jazakAllah Khayr <3

and yes, I promise now I'm signing off and getting in bet 0= )